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Adele Keeley
Adele Keeley South West
Based in: South West
Member Of: SBTD
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Adele Keeley is a Costume Designer and Senior Lecturer in Costume and Performance Design at the Arts University Bournemouth. She is also founder of EAP (Environmental Arts Practitioners Collective).

Adele is actively engaged in the outdoor arts scene and until recently was a director for Activate Performing Arts who commission the international performance festival Inside Out Dorset. Adele gained her MA in theatre Arts from Nottingham Trent University in 2008.

Image credit: Dominic Old

Featured Work

Ear Trumpet

Role/Title: Costume and Set Designer
Year of Production Opening: 2014
Venue: UK tour of Arts Festivals and Seoul Street Arts Festival
Dominic Old
Image Credit - Dominic Old
Made for people of all ages, this playful outdoor performance installation by Gobbledegook Theatre invites audiences to listen to enchanting contemporary classical music composed by Robert Lee.

In order to listen to the music, audiences choose from a series of elaborate Ear Trumpets created from converted euphoniums and brass instruments; listening devices which – as if by magic – make the barely audible sound loud and clear. After going through an introduction of how to use the Ear Trumpets audiences are transported into a sound space where they are invited to become citizen scientist in the Pseudo-science of ‘Sonic Geology’. By rendering the familiar act of listening strange, the performance invites audiences to delight in the discovery of the secret music under their feet.


Sound Designer: Alastair Goolden
Trumpet Sculptor: Jeremy Jacobs
Costume Supervisor: Carly Andrews
Costume Maker : Eleanor Bird
Costume Maker : Florence McGlynn
Costume Maker : Jessica Sparling
Costume Maker : Andrea Westbye
Costume Maker : Carol Childs
Director: Lorna Rees
Writer: Lorna Rees
Composer: Robert Lee