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Laura Ella
Laura Ella North
Based in: North
Member Of: SBTD
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I currently live in Yorkshire with my cat, Chester. I graduated in 2018 with an MA in Fashion Textile Practices, whereby I focused on exploring alternative costume outputs. Before this I studied Costume with Textiles, receiving a first class honours degree.

I have been voluntary helping in the wardrobe department at my local theatre group, as well as exploring and experiencing other skills such as properties and lighting. I have recently set up my own bespoke vegan occasion-wear business, which is still in its infant stages.

Featured Work

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Role/Title: Costume Designer and Maker
Year of Production Opening: 2018
Venue: University of Huddersfield
The purpose of this project was to explore alternative outputs for the costume design process, in the form of an exhibition to encourage other creatives/public audiences who do not attend theatre, by focusing on the text of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Beginning with DESIGN CREATION, to understand the main characters, then leading onto DESIGN FUTURES.

Within the text are multiple references to ‘glass’; to translate this visually I decided to create a costume using glass. The properties of glass related well to the text; it can change from a solid to liquid reflecting Jekyll’s change into Hyde. Glass can be delicate, but sturdy, properties that link to the personality clashes of Jekyll and Hyde. Working with glass artist Louise Watson, we created and realised a glass corset (resembling a reference to 19th-century silhouette) using surface pattern and colours developed from character exploration and analysis.


Collaborator: Louise Watson
Writer: Robert Louis Stevenson
Photographer: Laura Ella and Louise Watson