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Nina Kobiashvili
Nina Kobiashvili Greater London
Based in: Greater London
Member Of: SBTD
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Nina Kobiashvili graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design. Projects include set design for the World Premiere Touring Production of the musical on ice Romeo and Juliet by Ilya Averbukh, Verona Arena, Italy, 2018.

Set design, Remembrance Ballet by Wayne Eagling, New English Ballet, Peacock Theatre, London, 2018. Set design, play The Audience by Peter Morgan, The State Theatre of Nations, Russia, 2017, Directed by Gleb Panfiliov. Set design, ice musical Carmen by Ilya Averbukh, Olympic Park, Sochi, 2015. Set and costume design, Cameron Mackintosh musical Oliver! by Lionel Bart, Tbilisi State Opera and Ballet Theatre. Georgia, 2012.  Set and costume design, opera, Mitridate, re di Ponto by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Tbilisi State Opera and Ballet Theatre, 2011.  Stage design, Gorby 80 : The Man Who Changed the World Ceremony, Royal Albert Hall, London, 2011.  Production design, TV drama, Poppy Shakespeare by Benjamin Ross, Channel Four, UK, 2007.

Image credit: Yuri Dojc, Victoria Poplavskaya, Danil Kolodin

Featured Work

Musical On Ice: Carmen

Role/Title: Set Design
Year of Production Opening: 2015
Venue: The Iceberg Skating Palace, Sochi Olympic Park. Russia 2015. The Luzhniki Small Sports Arena. Moscow 2015. Arena Armeets, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2017.
Yuri Dojc, Victoria Poplavskaya, Danil Kolodin
Image Credit - Yuri Dojc, Victoria Poplavskaya, Danil Kolodin
One of the inspirations designing for the musical Carmen on ice was the eclectic style architecture and bullfighting preparations in Seville I was lucky to witness and research. Realistic monochromatic scenery, containing the Colosseum backdrop, bridge, bell tower and arched colonnade is dominated by the scarlet red rotating and tower cranes. Cranes lifting heavy set elements and props also used as the platform for the singers and floor dancers.        

Lighthouse with the dramatic light beam represents the fate of Carmen and takes us through the scene changes. Rigged sails, blown by the turbo wind machine with the storm lightening effects become also screens for the moving shadow images. Another challenge was to build on ice the raked platform for the circus horse. Ambiguous set elements highlighting the theme as well as establishing the performing spaces from the small scale up to the whole rink area of 30 x 60 m.

Image credit: Yuri Dojc, Victoria Poplavskaya, Danil Kolodin
Image credit: Yuri Dojc, Victoria Poplavskaya, Danil Kolodin


Director: Ilya Averbukh
Writer: Aleksei Scneiderman
Lighting Designer: Alexey Mastrukov
Sound Designer: Abdrei Belousov
Technical Director: Aleksei Zhazhelo ARTDECO Ltd.
Composer: Roman Ignatiev
Photographer: Yuri Dojc, Victoria Poplavskaya, Danil Kolodin
Line Producer : Peter Tsanava / MMG Skating
Producer, Co-Writer of the libretto: lya Averbukh, Ekaterina Tsanava
Choreographer: Ilya Averbukh, Elena Maslennikova, Maria Orlova