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Alexander Rigg
Alexander Rigg Scotland
Based in: Scotland
Member Of: SBTD
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I am an artist working in a number of different disciplines. My work is often of a large scale and developed for a specific context or location. I make performance events with my company, Oceanallover, and have designed set, costumes and choreography for many other companies, including NVA, Theatre Cryptic, Theatre Babel, Nation and Process 10:28. I design and build green oak structures that are functional and sculptural, making use of traditional framing techniques.

Together with Trevor Leat, I design and build large willow structures, including the wicker man for the Wickerman Music Festival in Galloway and the figure for Carlton Hill as part of Edinburgh’s Hogmanay celebrations. Much of what I make involves collaboration with other artists, musicians and craftsmen.

I am particularly interested in the human body and its relationship to surroundings and emotion. The live, performative aspect of my work is an explosive summary of all the other elements. I believe that art should be uncompromising and bold. The artist should try to find a truth for the context of their work that takes it beyond contemporary issues and into some other reality.

Featured Work


Role/Title: Director / Designer
Year of Production Opening: 2018
Venue: Touring, site-responsive work
Orographic is a site-responsive journey into landscapes both emotional and physical. The design of the work has been made within the concept of guiding and guided journeys.

I have made a number of collaborative test pieces working with various artists and ecologists to create an experience for both audience and performers that is evocative and provocative. The project is devised in collaboration with Oceanallover cast members and in consultation with ecologists and writers.

My work is drawn from many experiences, including my training as a sculptor and time spent making archaeological illustrations. The projects all have a strong influence from music and poetry and explore the relationship of humanity to its root in something essential and primitive”
Image credit: Robin Rigg
Image credit: Hoy Kirk
Image credit: Brian Hartley


Director: Alex Rigg
Alex Rigg: Alex Rigg
Composer: Joey Sanderson, Breezy Elthalion, Richie Merchant
Choreographer: Alex Rigg and Cast
Costume Making Assistant: Hilary Ross
Production Design Consultant: Dougie Strang
Costume Making Assistant: Laini Chrismas
Screen Printing: Sarah Keast