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Mona Kastell
Mona Kastell Scotland
Based in: Scotland
Member Of: SBTD
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Mona Kastell is an ecoscenographer and community engagement practitioner based in Scotland, with a strong interest in social and ecological conscious design. With over 12 years of professional experience, she has worked collaboratively across several media, including stage and costume design in devised, street and physical theatre, dance, film, and participatory art installations.

As a designer/maker, Mona takes the lead in creating her own work, engaging herself holistically in her creative practice questioning traditional ways of working within her practice embedded in expanded scenography. She combines stage design, Permaculture & Ecological Design, to actively instigate positive change for the future of our society and the planet. She places Nature, interconnectivity, and authentic community engagement at the heart of her creative practice.

Featured Work

The Faery Trails ed.1&2

Role/Title: Costume Designer
Year of Production Opening: 2018
Venue: Spectra Festival, Aberdeen Edition 2: Bury Arts Museum, Manchester
This has been a working method development between several artists, aiming to re-create Western faery tales with artists of colours to produce new diverse role models to children. There are series of miniature video projections, where magical creatures are hidden on trees and objects.

The creatures took shape between materiality and the capacity for devising costumes through the performers’ responsive body in movement, the moving body becoming a design tool. Designed individually with each performer, the costumes externalize their inner soul, visually narrating their own stories and characteristics, yet belonging to the same otherworldly world inspired by Arthur Rackham’s faery tale illustrations. Rethinking our relationship with objects, the final costumes show the potential of creating art though not creating waste, from reused found pieces, to purchasing pre-loved clothing or natural fibres only fabrics. The chosen pieces and fabrics reflect light through texture, manipulation and colours, in anticipation of the projections.


Lighting Designer: Steve Cardno & Rob O’Donnell
Costume Assistant: Yan Smiley
Costume Assistant : Rosamund McCormack
Production Team: Curated Place
Performer: Aya Kobayashi
Performer: Mele Broomes
Performer: Bejoy Sanjeev
Performer: Yandass Ndlovu
Performer: Shaban Dar
Performer: Chih-Peng Lucas Kao
Photographer: Chih-Peng Lucas Kao & Mona Kastell
Performer: David Hon Ma Chu aka Eva Serration
Performer: Ekua Bayunu
Performer: Al Conteh
Make-up artist: Madeleine Drewell
Make-up artist: Alison Peters
Make-up artist: Abigail Lewis
Poster Design: Chih-Peng Lucas Kao