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Delyth Evans
Delyth Evans Wales
Based in: Wales
Member Of: SBTD
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Originally from North Wales, Delyth graduated from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in 2018. with a first class honours in design for performance.

She is now working as both a designer and assistant in London and Wales. Delyth has already assisted a number of prestigious designers such as Chloe Lamford, Katrina Lindsay and Anna Fleischsle.

Featured Work

In Lipstick

Role/Title: Set and Costume Designer
Year of Production Opening: 2019
Venue: The Pleasance Theatre
In Lipstick was a brand new production by Annie Jenkins; this production was the world premiere produced by Up In Arms Theatre Company and Ellie Keel. It is about two women, Cynthia and Maud; Cynthia hasn't left the house in four years, but Maud meets Dennis who opens up an escape route for her. However, he also hides a damaged past. The play explores the pressures of love, friendship and the pressures of the modern city.

I enjoyed an extremely collaborative and open process, with the writer in rehearsals every day, the process was extremely adaptable and the whole team were completely open to changing and developing the piece during this time. As a designer it was amazing to be able to contribute to conversations beyond the design and play a part in the development of the play.


Lighting Designer: Simon Gethin Thomas
Sound Designer: Ed Clarke
Production Manager / Construction: Jack Greenyer
Producer : Nic Connaughton
Artistic Director / Producer : Barney Norris
Producer : Ellie Keel
Director: Alice Hamilton
Writer: Annie Jenkins
Photographer: Ali Wright