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Suzi Dorey
Suzi Dorey Wales
Based in: Wales
Member Of: SBTD
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Suzi designs predominantly within devised physical theatre and dance, on diverse collaborative projects ranging from large scale and site specific performances, to intimate studio shows, and digital content

She trained at Aberystwyth University and followed the postgraduate course in Theatre Design at RWCMD in Cardiff, and has designed for companies and individuals such as National Dance Company of Wales, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Welsh National Opera, Volcano Theatre, Marc Rees, Jo Fong, Mr & Mrs Clark, Likely Story and has collaborated for the last fifteen years with choreographer Sean Tuan John on film and theatre work, and also for his children’s dance theatre company Bombastic Dance.

Alongside theatre and production design she works as goldsmith, producing exquisite works of wearable art and jewellery, enjoying the detail of smaller works of art.

Featured Work

Rites for The Digital Shaman

This project is an evolving experiment in performance blended with digital technologies, created in collaboration with Finnish dance company TaikaBox. Rooted in ritual and ancient mysticism, the abstract choreography aims to connect with and balance the ancient wisdom and energy that resides within us all, yet responding to a changing digital age.

The performance blends responsive projection and a live triggered, digitally-generated soundtrack with deeply expressive movement. The research has expanded to use online platforms to livestream performances to international audiences in various locations, into galleries, non traditional theatre spaces and in the open air.

For inspiration I delved into ancient shamanic rituals and natural imagery combined with Nordic culture to create a costume for Tanja with personal significance, connecting her to ancient energy she needed to feel. It was important for the costume to feel like an extension of her own body, and to be sculptural, whilst also allowing freedom of movement and allowing moments of light and shadow.


Movement: Tanja Råman
Sound and Image: John Collingswood
Location photography: Antti Karppinen
Studio photography: John Collingswood and Eutheum Lee