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Francesc Serra Vila
Francesc Serra Vila Greater London
Based in: Greater London
Member Of: SBTD
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Scenographer, performance maker and architect. Francesc’s work is driven by an interest in site specific, immersive and evolving environments; he has presented installations and design for performances, on his own on in collaboration with other artists, at World Stage Design 2013 and 2017, London Festival of Architecture and La Bellone – Maison du spectacle (Brussels) among other places.

Featured Work


Role/Title: Artist
Year of Production: 2017
Venue: TRIBE 17 - International Art Festival. Oxo Bargehouse, London
Molecules is an exploration of an ever-changing shape that reflects nomadism and the capacity of human beings for adaptation and dialogue with the environment.

Three dancers give form to an organism that travels through a building and the public space, and that it is in constant transformation: it breathes, expands and compresses; occasionally it splits and comes together. A sense of disorientation and loss of references is reinforced by a soundscape coming from the mass: the sound creates a three dimensional effect that moves around the space and the audience.

We perform in non-theatrical places that become temporal art spaces; intruding into an everyday space, we break its routine and invite passers-by to experience it differently.

I capture the fragility of our current times, this liquid modernity where things are not permanent and in constant evolution. ”


Director: Francesc Serra Vila
Composer: Alastair Gavin
Dancer: Alejandra Chacón
Dancer: Maria Kapala
Dancer: Ewa Limanówka
Dancer: Amaia Mujica