Staging Places
Ingrid Hu
Based in: Greater London
Member Of: SBTD
Ingrid trained in Scenography in Canada and UK. Since graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2002 she has been working in theatre and in multidisciplinary design, including with the award-winning Heatherwick Studio where she worked on a wide range of projects including the Lubetkin winning UK Pavilion for the 2010 World Expo.

Working with a wide range of materials and techniques, Ingrid responds to narratives from varied perspectives. Her designs often involve transformative elements and a crafted visual language. She has designed for theatre, dance and sound performances, as well as exhibitions and installations in the public realm.

Originally from Taipei, Taiwan, Ingrid lives and works in London. She is a member of the Society of British Theatre Designers and an associate lecturer at UAL Central St Martins.

Featured Work

A Kettle of Fish

Role/Title: Designer
Year of Production Opening: 2018
Venue: The Yard Theatre, London, UK
A Kettle of Fish is a play for one performer examining grief, loss of control and connection in contemporary society where our sense of reality is constantly under scrutiny.

Setting the story against a visual language that transforms from the familiar to the surreal, the character, Lisa, is seen mostly confined in an airplane, on her way to a country she has never visited but whose habits she has studied in great depths. The performer constructs her story within three symbolic spaces representing past, present and future. Through an immersive and intimate sound design the performance is a theatrical experience where audience – wearing headphones for the most of the time – witness Lisa’s realities merge, collide and disintegrate.

In A Kettle of Fish, I was exploring a visual language that would transform the world on stage from something familiar to something surreal, with one performer and a small budget. During the R&D, it did not feel right for the performer to be the instigator of this change. After an intense period of design development we landed on a set that allowed a multi-media language to emerge where the space became alive and was instrumental in the unfolding of the narrative. ”
Image credit: Helen Murray
Image credit: Helen Murray


Lighting Designer: Joshua Gadsby
Sound Designer: Max Pappenheim
AV Designer: Tegid Cartwright
Design Assistant / Maker: Michael Douglas
Director: Caitlin McLeod
Writer: Brad Birch
Composer: Max Pappenheim
Production Manager: Seb Cannings
Stage Manager (on the book): Devika Ramcharan