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Laura Ann Price
Laura Ann Price Greater London
Based in: Greater London
Member Of: SBTD
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Using a mixture of materials and technologies Laura creates visual landscapes echoing the quirks in life, giving life to spaces worlds apart from our own. Laura's research is concerned with the material and sensorial potential of a dramaturgy. Her practice focuses on the model box as a dramaturgical tool for devising, extending the boundaries of collaboration. She thrives within a rehearsal context, developing original approaches to the dramaturgy of texts scores and movement.

Her most recent credits include Dinner 18:55, Leeds Playhouse 2019; Talking Heads, West Yorkshire Playhouse, 2018; Enough of the Theatrics, Lowry 2018 (Assistant Designer to David Shearing); Economy of Ecology, Manic Chord, New Diorama & HOME Manchester, 2018; Heretic Voices, Arcola Theatre, 2018. Laura holds a Distinction in MA Scenography from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

Image credit: Richard H Smith

Featured Work

Talking Heads

Role/Title: Designer (Set & Costume)
Year of Production Opening: June 2018
Date of Origin: 1987- 1998
Venue: Leeds Playhouse
Talking Heads on both their Courtyard stage (Leeds Playhouse) and in homes across the city of Leeds. A series of dramatic monologues that comment on humanity and the everyday dealing with themes of isolation, identity and alienation from society.

Directed by three directors, Talking Heads relies on a visual language to communicate not only a sense of intimacy, isolation and solitude but also a wider landscape echoing a sense of community and collectiveness. The scenography questions the very fabric of a sense of place, searching for the heart of Leeds in textures, architecture and lighting. Its intent is to provide a larger view of the world that these characters reside in whilst highlighting the struggles of both physical and mental confinement.

Having spent much of my adult life living in Leeds I have a deep connection to the city and its people. Bennett’s Talking Heads celebrates the small subtleties that can only be found in Leeds. ”
Image credit: Richard H Smith
Image credit: Richard H Smith
Image credit: Richard H Smith


Writer: Alan Bennett
Director: James Brining
Director: Amy Leach
Director: John R Wilkinson
Lighting Designer: Prema Mehta
Composer: Alexandra Faye Braithwaite
Wardrobe Supervisor : Julie Ashworth
Props Master: Chris Cully