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Peter Bond
Peter Bond Greater London
Based in: Greater London
Member Of: SBTD
Peter Bond is an artist and theorist working between the fields of drama, performance, theatre and fine art discourses. 

He employs a poststructuralist approach, this means that sign systems are treated with scepticism and introspection. In poststructuralist thinking all signs are regarded as potentially unstable. This is partly because with so much electronic media we need to learn new ways of evaluating authenticity and values.

Featured Work

Performance in The Expanded Field

Role/Title: Artist Producer
Year of Production Opening: 2017
Venue: Central Saint Martins
Expanded Boundaries: “As with many academic disciplines, art and design education too often tends to circle around itself, playing out an internalised set of concerns often to known audiences. Expanded Boundaries suggests a broader and actively outward engagement, in which the methods and concepts of the arts and design are taken into other areas – not as subservient modes of communication, but as catalyst and vehicle for new collaborative ways of thinking in business, social innovation, science, culture and so on.”


Performance in The Expanded Field explores education, art history, entertainment and the quotidian through performed actions. It aims to ‘braid’ performance and lecturing together as a provocative, didactic, and entertaining experience.


Lighting Designer: Peter Bond
Sound Designer: Steve Keay
AV Designer: Steve Keay/Peter Bond
Collaborator: Kate Brown, Adrian Lee, Michelle Houston, Mark E Joyce
Director: Peter Bond
Choreographer: Kate Brown
Writer: Peter Bond
Composer: Peter Bond