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Based in: Greater London
Member Of: SBTD
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Abby and Alice are Set Designers and Experience Designers. Our work is multi-disciplinary, site specific and interactive. When we're not building in the studio we're learning Unity video game software and planning how to weave them together.

We make environments that people can be in, that have stories, and that rely on audiences being active and having agency. We collaborate with a wide range of companies and individuals to achieve this creative work, from cheese makers to sound designers.

Image credit: Kois Miah

Featured Work

Never Set Eyes on the Land

Role/Title: Designers
Year of Production Opening: June 2018
Space: Travelling Shipping Container
An experiential installation with Nutkhut: telling the story of the 1947 Partition of India. Audiences were invited with a cup of chai through the door of a shipping container into a 1940’s middle-class, Indian kitchen: left as if in a hurry.

The story was communicated through space and conversation: documents printed into chapatti, timelines woven into suitcases, oral histories playing through radios and animated maps projected onto water.

It was a work of discovery for us: we learned about Partition through the project, just as many of our audiences. It is sad that our curriculum left such a hole in our history; we must recognise what our country stood and stands for, and learn from what came before.

Our research led us through the National Archives; 1930’s/40’s Bollywood; Train to Pakistan (Khushwant Singh); Margaret Bourke-White and much food before we landed where we did. We presented our trail of research to discover: this space was for audiences to engage with as they saw fit.

Image credit: Kois Miah
Image credit: Kois Miah
Image credit: Kois Miah
Image credit: Kois Miah


Director: Ajay Chhabra
Sound Designer: Charlie Ockmore
Project Manager: Rajpal Pardesi
Animation Designers: Imogen Stanley and Georgia Akbaar
Consultant Producer: Matthew Jones
Co-Artistic Director: Simmy Gupta
Education and Community Manager: Ellie Newland
Academic Consultant: Dr Gavin Rand
Education Consultant: Kiran Thapar
Oral History Trainer: Sarah Lowry
Social Media Coordinator: Uzair Sayeed
Film Editor and Documentation: Ed Inglis
Graphic Designer: John Francis
Critical Friend: Wendy Smithers
Project Evaluator: Kate Pontin
Heritage Engagement Co-ordinator: Eleanor Harding
The National Archives: Sara Griffiths and Iqbal Husain
Partner: University of Greenwich
Partner: National Army Museum
Partner: Royal Greenwich Heritage Trust
Partner: British Red Cross Archives
It was supported by: Heritage Lottery Fund, Arts Council England and The National Archives