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Adrian Rees
Adrian Rees Midlands
Based in: Midlands
Member Of: SBTD
Adrian trained at The Wimbledon School of Art. He has worked extensively across the UK, both as a Head of Design in a regional repertory theatre – The Belgrade Theatre in Coventry – and as a freelance set and costume designer of number one tours, rep productions and West End shows.

He is passionate about musicals and was an influential member of the team that successfully introduced big musical productions into the summer season at the Pitlochry Festival Theatre.

Image credit: Douglas McBride

Featured Work

Scrooge the Musical

Role/Title: Set and Costume Designer
Year of Production Opening: 2016
Venue: The Pitlochry Festival Theatre
Douglas McBride
Image Credit - Douglas McBride
The Christmas show at Pitlochry Festival Theatre is unusual, as it is a stand-alone show. It doesn't have to share the stage with five other shows and so can take advantage of the full space and scene dock capacity. There is no fly tower, although there is a full counterweight system, so a clever use of tumbling and Kabuki drops was used.

The band formed the upstage focus high above chimney pots. Scrooge’s four-poster bed was a focus and the three ghosts emerged from within it, with the Ghost of Christmas Future as the bed itself, exploding into a towering black edifice. This was a real collaboration between all the theatre departments coming together to create a terrifying puppet. The joy of designing this show was collaborating so closely with light, sound and choreography, under the gentle, but sure hand of the director.

Douglas McBride
Image Credit - Douglas McBride


Lighting Designer: Matt Eagland
Sound Designer: Paul Hoolahan
AV Designer: Trish O'Grady
Collaborator: The workshops of Pitlochry Festival Theatre
Director: Richard Baron
Writer: Leslie Bricusse, after Charles Dickens
Composer: Leslie Bricusse
Choreographer: Chris Stuart-Wilson
Photographer: Douglas McBride
Musical Director: Dougie Flower