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Eleanor Field
Eleanor Field Midlands
Based in: Midlands
Member Of: SBTD
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Eleanor Field is a Scenographer and Artist, experienced in many styles of production including devised and non-traditional theatre practice. Since graduating from RADA’s Postgraduate Theatre Design course in July 2011, Eleanor has worked on a variety of projects for theatre, opera and dance, across the UK. In 2016 she designed windows for Selfridge's, London, as part of their Shakespeare 400 celebrations, which really impressed her Grandma. She relishes the challenges of devised work and she is especially interested in design-led work and design as performance.

In 2018 she created, with fellow designer, Laura Cordery, a living drawing ‘A Pageant On Paper’ which opened at RADA and has been exhibited at Nottingham Contemporary and The National Theatre. She is fascinated by the sketchbook as an artefact and its evolving place in the theatre-making process alongside modern technologies. Alongside her design work she is an associate lecturer on the Design for Performance BA at Birmingham City University.


Featured Work

All Of Me

Role/Title: Set and Costume Designer
Year of Production Opening: 2018
Venue: Arc, Stockton. Arts Depot, London. Battersea Arts Centre, London.
This show involved a creation process unlike any other I have experienced – one spanning over two years. We had phases of intense creativity, long days in rehearsal rooms together followed by weeks where we would step back, assess and communicate new discoveries.

As designer I would offer ideas into the space for Caroline to explore and respond to – she would send chunks of script and I would bring into the rehearsal room a visual world for her to explore – from sand pits to dust sheets to giant bubble mix to lamps to swathes of fabric. I never made a design model for a design presentation – the design process was formed of offerings and responses between all members of the creative team. It wasn’t always easy. Looking at the photos now, it still amazes me to see elements of the design and remember how it formed and the conversations and challenges that it came from.


Lighting Designer: Katharine Williams
Sound Designer: Elena Plena
Director: Alex Swift and Lucy Hopkins
Writer: Caroline Horton
Composer: James Atherton and Caroline Horton
Photographer: Edmund Collier
Production Manager: Anthony ‘Oz’ Osbourne
Producer: China Plate