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Tim Meacock
Tim Meacock Midlands
Based in: Midlands
Member Of: SBTD
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Tim has been designing opera, theatre, ballet and pantomime in the UK, Europe and America for over 20 years. He has worked extensively with Tête à Tête, Scottish Opera, Nottingham Playhouse, The Stephen Joseph Theatre and The Orange Tree Theatre.
Image credit: James Glossop

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Role/Title: Set & Costume Designer
Year of Production Opening: 2018
Venue: Quad Span Tent – Seedhill Sportsground, Paisley
James Glossop
Image Credit - James Glossop
The tent, site and trailer were all recced, and ground plans drawn up. But it was vital that the directors and I were on site when the larger elements were positioned. The entire site could not be marked up in the rehearsal room and so distances and sightlines needed to be checked. The set (within the trailer) was in the rehearsal room. The rake was steep and the furniture was all built in perspective. The show included a violent fight. This required collaboration between cast, fight director props and costume departments, in the rehearsal room and on site.

Community –

Pagliacci is the story of a comedia troupe visiting a town during the feast of the assumption. Our production was conceived with the community at its heart. Scottish Opera came to Paisley in their curtain side trailer for Sma Shot day, a celebration of the historic victory of the weavers over their employers.

Performed in a Quad span tent on a large sports field with a company of nearly 200, including local bell ringers. The audience enjoyed Punch and Judy, a fortune teller, dressing-up, games, raffles, hotdogs, ice-cream, bubbles, a donkey and the Paisley parade of banners lead by the Charleston drum.

The chorus were dressed to be indistinguishable from a Paisley audience, so unexpectedly, the person standing next to you would suddenly start singing.

We collaborated with the publicity department to ensure a clear message. I asked for branded SO/Paisley T’ shirt – which brought everyone together.

Image credit: James Glossop
Image credit: James Glossop
Image credit: James Glossop
Image credit: James Glossop
Image credit: James Glossop


Director and Translation: Bill Bankes-Jones
Lighting Designer: Robert B. Dickson
Composer: Ruggero Leoncavallo
Choreographer: Alex McCabe
Project Co-ordinator: Caroline Campbell
Conductor: Stuart Stratford
General Director (Scottish Opera): Alex Reedijk
Assistant Director: Lissa Lorenz
Graphic Design: Scottish Opera Graphic Design Department
Chorus Costume Supervisor: Ailsa Munro
Transport Manager: Brian Mitchell
Production Manager: Amy Wilson
Workshop Manager: Edd Smith
Costume Cutter: Sara Löfgren
Costume Cutter: Ali Currie
Head of Props: Marian Colquhoun
Hair & Make-up Supervisor: Laurie Rankin
Prop maker: Natasha Jiggins
Prop maker: David Young
Executive Producer: Sheelagh Barnard
Wardrobe Mistress: Gloria del Monte
Workshop Project Supervisor: Gordon Clements
Head Scenic Artist: Kelvin Guy
Scenic Artist: Neil Haynes
Head of Costume: John Liddell
Deputy Head of Costume: Lorna Price
Millinery: Sally-Ann Provan
Fight Director: Raymond Short